Learn Computer Science programming - C# and C++ Algorithms

Welcome to LearnCS!

I love programming. Over the years, I never really found a place to go to to get all of the basic algorithms that are typically used for interview questions in programming. So, I started compiling my own. The first thing I did is to write the code necessary in C# and C++ for sorting, data structures, and string manipulations. Although you might be hired for specific skills in in ASP.NET, PHP, Javascript, SQL or Ruby on Rails, it is nevertheless important to have the basic knowledge of algorithms are always the core of software programming.

Since I went though a lot of work to write these examples and test them, I wanted to share this out with anyone who is interested in learning from these examples. I made the sample code included here easy that all you have to do is copy and paste into Visual Studio and run the solution. This was you can get right to learning.

In addition, I decided to add a section on Brain Teasers which is a hobby of mine.

Here are some interesting code snippets to name a few...

C++ Data Structures
C# Data Structures
Common Programming Tricks such as EndianessHanoi Towers, and Fibonnaci.
String manipulation operations such as strcmp implementation and substring search.
Sorting algorithms.
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